Marketing Cloud Admin

Marketing Cloud Admin Certification

The latest Salesforce exam pass for our team is the Marketing Cloud Admin cert. Read on to find out Priya’s thoughts and tips on passing this exam.


What made you decide to take the Marketing Cloud Admin certification?

Priya Marketing Cloud Admin certI already have a lot of experience with Pardot, so I wanted to learn more about Marketing Cloud too. It’s always good to get formal certifications to back up your day-to-day real life experience.

And I’m always looking at ways to improve my Salesforce skills and add value to our clients at work.






How did you approach the prepare for the exam?

After joining Cloud Galacticos, Paul and Phil found that I was interested in Marketing Cloud. I was encouraged to take up the webinar sessions related to it. These training sessions, blogs & trails really helped me understand the concepts. A thing to mention is the amount of time and importance the company gives towards learning is highly appreciated and is what helps us to prepare.


Was it a difficult? Any tips for people thinking of doing this exam?

I found it to be on the tough side as I didn’t have much experience in exploring this platform practically. Though the amount of work I have put into it during my personal time has helped me a lot. I was able to score on the set up and configuration questions which contributed positively to my results. Below are the Section-Level Scoring for your reference:

Digital Marketing Proficiency: 62%

Subscriber Data Management: 60%

Setup: 78%

Channel Management: 80%

Maintenance: 55%

Tips would be to explore the application practically to get knowledge on the Configuration side and understand the terminology used in Marketing cloud.


What does passing the Marketing Cloud Admin cert mean to you in terms of your daily work?

This certification really adds value and helps us at Cloud Galacticos in getting more projects on Marketing Cloud. It can also help us in enhancing the existing projects and add more value to the existing customers.


Do you have any other certs you plan to take in the future?

I am aiming for Marketing Cloud Consultant certification. I have heard that this one is tricky but I shall prepare well and will hopefully pass in my first attempt just like all my other certifications.

Finally, I would like to thank Paul and Phil for encouraging and supporting me. While we are busy with the current  project schedules and supporting our clients, we are given time and resources to LEARN. This ‘Time’, ‘Support’ and ‘Encouragement’ is all that an employee needs to learn and up-skill.


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