Kully Dosanjh, Consultant – Meet the Galacticos

Welcome to the latest in our series of Meet the Galacticos blogs to learn more about our growing Cloud Galacticos team. Say ‘hello’ to Kully Dosanjh, one of our recent Consultant recruits. We caught up with Kully to ask her a few questions.


Kully Dosanjh, Consultant

Hi Kully, can you give us a bit of background about yourself and your work history?

My educational background is Information Systems related. I then got introduced to Salesforce at the start of 2015, where I worked for an Oil & Gas company in Dubai.  Since then I have worked for quite a few end users as well as being self employed as a contractor.


What’s your story behind joining the Cloud Galacticos team?

I was introduced to Cloud Galacticos through ‘Supermums’ who are a fabulous recruitment company where they find their candidates’ roles based on skills and expertise.


What’s it like joining a new company during these Covid times?

For me, the transition was great as I had worked at home pre-Covid so was well accustomed to the new ways of working which many had to learn to adapt to.

What is your role as a Consultant at Cloud Galacticos involve, and what do you enjoy about it?

Since joining CG I was put on a project with an end user where I’ve been tasked to capture and create all ‘as-is business processes.  I must say I have really enjoyed my role so far,  I’ve had exposure to all sides of the business to really understand what their requirements are, and have regular communication with stakeholders at all levels within the organisation. From here I am looking forward to helping them review and improve these processes and implement their new changes in Salesforce.


Do you have plans to take any Salesforce certifications in the near future?

Absolutely, I would really be interested in the Not for Profit and Sales Cloud Certifications.


Cloud Galacticos is a remote working focussed company. What advice would you give people to make the most of working remotely and staying motivated?

Definitely set times when you are working. Often working from home you actually end up doing more work than you would in an office environment.  Make sure to still take time out for lunch or even a quick walk or chat with someone. 


Aside from Salesforce and working at Cloud Galacticos, what else do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy travelling and exploring new places as well as going for a regular run, it helps clear my mind (not so much since being back in England and the cold weather!) 


Food: I love Thai food, anything spicy does the job!

Drink: Coffee, Gin and Wine

Music: Varies on my mood

Animal: Dog

Place to Visit: Next on my list is Maldives


About Cloud Galacticos

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Cloud Galacticos 2021 Highlights

Welcome to our Cloud Galacticos 2021 team highlights blog

Even though it’s been an eventful year for many reasons, at Cloud Galacticos we had plenty to be grateful for. From getting married to passing certs, and climbing mountains, to finally getting to meet each other in-person.

Here are some of the Cloud Galacticos team’s 2021 highlights.


Pippa Cox, Project Manager

Pippa Cox Art

I think my work highlight for 2021 has to be finally meeting some of my colleagues face-to-face after spending a year building relationships and working on zoom. I am looking forward to more opportunities to meet up in 2022.

On a personal level I have enjoyed the time to start being creative again and trying new crafts like embroidery pieces. Although the majority of my creativity has probably been spent decorating and gardening.


Vetri Manoharan, Developer


The best thing happened to me in 2021 is joining the Cloud Galacticos team. I am so grateful to Phil for providing me this opportunity. Before joining the company, my career was more leaning towards project and team management. It’s almost 8 months now and the journey is still very exciting. I got to chance work on LWC (which I never learnt or got chance to work on before), worked on multiple projects, and so happy to be back on the development side of things.

On the personal front, I really feel that I am able to manage work-life balance (work from home really affected me big time), able to spend time with family, reading books, meditating, being mindful with the thoughts. Also I got engaged and going to get married in 2022. Looking forward to an exciting journey the next year hopefully!


Kully Dosanjh, Business Analyst

I think my highlights for 2021 would be joining the wonderful Cloud Galacticos team, I have already learnt lots and have lots more to learn from such amazingly experienced people.

Amazingly, outside of work my main highlight for 2021 has to be ‘climbing Ben Nevis’ with 2 kids in tow! This was by far the most challenging undertaking of all time for me. I had to have many pep talks with my poor legs to keep me motivated to finish.

I’m glad to say I smashed it and reached the summit!


Mark Jones, Salesforce Consultant

Mark Jones's User Experience Designer Cert

It’s been a really big year for me in the Salesforce ecosystem, to say the least, so it’s hard for me to pick out just one highlight.

Over the course of this year I’ve become a 5x Ranger on Trailhead, earned three different Salesforce certifications and spoke at a number of community events spanning four different countries (all done virtually).

To top it off, I became a Salesforce Consultant working with the team here at Cloud Galacticos. This has been a great year. Here’s to a good 2022!


Luke Menzfeld, Salesforce Consultant

Luke Menzfeld's wedding

This year has certainly been a year to remember. It marked my first full working year at Cloud Galacticos after joining in October of 2020. I’ve had lots of great opportunities to tackle interesting business challenges and learned a lot through my practical experiences.

Meeting the majority of the Galacticos team in London recently was my biggest professional highlight. I’ve developed virtual friends and colleagues throughout 2021, but to get together face to face was great.

On a personal note, I also have a number of highlights. Firstly, my wife and I got married in June with an intimate mix of family and friends. We made the best of it despite the Covid restrictions.

In July we moved house, and to top it all off we found out in September that our family would be growing in size in 2022! Overall a great year.



Cloud Galacticos is a  Salesforce Consulting Partner with an all-star team. We are user and developer group leaders, bloggers, MVPs and all round Salesforce nerds. Our Salesforce consultancy has people all over the UK including Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Sheffield, and London. If you are looking for a Salesforce partner with experience who can help you make the most of your org, why not give us a call?