Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

Slack, Tableau, and more – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #427

Slack Gossip

The rumour mill suggests that a deal could be announced next week for Salesforce to acquire Slack. Here is a great write-up from the Financial Times about the implications, and how Slack could fit in with the Salesforce stack, and how it moves Salesforce and Microsoft into closer competition.

From the Press Release:

“The success of Teams has added to the urgency for Mr Benioff to act. The Microsoft service has become an effective tool for channelling users to that company’s other applications — including its customer relationship management software, which competes directly with Salesforce’s own core business.”

It would be very interesting to see where Slack could fit in with the existing Salesforce Clouds, but as a Slack user myself I think it would work well, and especially with the new Salesforce Anywhere product (see here for previous Salesforce Anywhere details).

And well done to our Architect Mike Gill who predicted this back in June 2018… “…Is Salesforce going to slack off completely this year, or will they ramp it up big time on the Acquisitions and Mergers front in time for Dreamforce?”.

In other news…

Tableau Trails

If you are interested in how you could use Tableau with your Salesforce set up, then you should take a look at this Tableau Trail, or this Tableau Basics for NonProfits Trail. After Salesforce spending so much on Tableau, you know it is going to be a big deal! Just 25 minutes of your time will give you a great overview, then if it is of interest you can start working through all the other related Trails.



I found this whilst scrabbling around Knowledge Articles…If you ever find issues creating a master detail relationship to a custom object, if it already contains data you may not be able to do it! Here is why, and how to deal with it.