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Salesforce Events – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #489

Welcome to my Salesforce Tip of the Week #489

A Salesforce Events Special Edition!


Tip 1 – Am I Dreamin’

Salesforce Events

For our first Salesforce event…

In-person events are starting to open up again, and online events continue to rise in popularity.

So whether you plan to go to your local Community conference, or Zoom your way to greater Salesforce knowledge, keep an eye on the official Community Conference calendar to plan ahead.



Tip 2 – Call for Speakers

A great way to really immerse yourself into a Community event is to join the list of presenters.

Usually around 3-4 months before an event there is a ‘call for speakers/submissions’. It’s where you can write a brief abstract so the organisers can review it and plan the most suitable sessions.

The call has just been announced for Czech Dreamin, take a look here.


Tip 3 – FlowFest

If you love Flows and fancy getting involved in a hackathon style event, register for FlowFest here.

It will take place as a live stream on 23rd February.



Tip 4 – DevOps Dreamin’

Another event outside of the official Community Calendar is this two day DevOps specific event.

DevOps Dreamin’ is a 2-day event for developers, configurators, architects and anyone responsible for building on Salesforce

Take a look and register here.


Tip 5 – Rio Dreamin

And our final Salesforce event…

It is early days of planning, but follow this Twitter account to show your interest and support for what could be an amazing event in Brazil in 2023!





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