Two Team Members Become Salesforce Certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultants

At Cloud Galacticos, we like to encourage our team members to keep on learning and developing their skills. Especially as we operate in a fast moving and dynamic environment. Here’s our CEO, Phil Walton, and CTO, Neel Meghani talking about their recent success on passing the Salesforce Certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultant test.


Phil says, “Cloud Galacticos have been working with nonprofit organisations for a long time now. I am not even sure the Nonprofit Success Pack (or Starter Pack as it used to be) was even around back then! As well as working with a number of nonprofits on long term projects, we also volunteer with a nonprofit each year as a part of our belief in Pledge 1%. We thought it was about time we got the certification to go with our experience. So Neel and I took on the challenge!


Phil continues, “The Nonprofit Cloud Consultant cert is pretty new, only announced in Beta in 2018. The questions are based around the use of the Nonprofit Cloud and Nonprofit Success Pack. It also covers general Salesforce knowledge and Consultancy skills (‘What would you do if…?’). The general breakdown is:

Nonprofit Domain Expertise 18% of the exam

NPSP Settings and Administration 20% of the exam

Nonprofit Cloud Implementation Strategies & Best Practices 21% of the exam

Nonprofit Cloud Solution Design 24% of the exam

Nonprofit Cloud Data Management 11% of the exam

Nonprofit Cloud Analytics 6% of the exam


Phil concludes, “I have been using NPSP for years, but there are always areas you only discover when you have to study a subject. I mainly used Trailhead. This Trail was useful particularly in getting me up to speed with Engagement Plans. But also there were Modules covering GAU Allocation, and which Account model to use.”

Neel adds, “My main resource for studying for the NPSP exam was the Nonprofit Cloud Consultants Training & Certification Guide. This in addition to Trailhead gave me the confidence to sit the exam. One area of I felt was important was the Domain knowledge which some of was new to me. Also ensure you brush up on standard Salesforce subjects like Sandboxes, Lightening Flow, Process Builder etc.”


Neel concludes, “Being the best in Salesforce means a mixture of skills. Communication, logic, business acumen, and a blend of Salesforce experience and Salesforce knowledge.  Also, certifications alone are not enough, but they do show a level of knowledge. Finally, show the desire to put time aside to learn these skills.”


Useful Links

Link to individual articles and trails relating to each subject area https://partners.salesforce.com/s/education/general/Nonprofit_Training 

Trailmix: https://trailhead.salesforce.com/en/content/learn/trails/fundraise-with-nonprofit-success-pack-npsp 

Trailmix – includes Engagement plans & campaigns: https://trailhead.salesforce.com/en/content/learn/trails/engage-constituents-with-nonprofit-cloud 

Link to the exam guide: https://trailhead.salesforce.com/help?article=Salesforce-Certified-Nonprofit-Cloud-Consultant-Exam-Guide



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