Adam Barnes, Salesforce Consultant – Meet the Galacticos

Welcome to the latest in our series of Meet the Galacticos blogs to learn more about our growing Cloud Galacticos team. Say ‘hello’ to Adam, a Salesforce consultant and one of our recent recruits. I caught up with Adam via Slack to ask him a few questions.


Adam Barnes, Salesforce Consultant

Hi Adam, thanks for finding a few minutes to help people learn a bit more about you. Can you give us a bit of background about yourself and your work history?

I’m quite a bubbly outgoing person.  I’ve also been involved in the IT world from secondary school – blowing up my first PC at the age of 13, overloading it with a new graphics card!  Moving into computing for college, learning the foundations of programming.  It was then onto university for a Computer Games and Software Development degree. It covered all areas of computing. It was quite challenging.

I got my first job as an IT engineer for a large UK based software company. They had 26 offices and I learned a great deal with all the different offices and setup.

It was then onto the start of my Salesforce career, and it was like “ooooooh, this is awesome and you can do so much with it!”. This was 10 years ago. I still enjoy its development, and the community is one of the best things about Salesforce. Everyone is so helpful and it’s a pleasure to meet others here in the UK and around the world.  It’s a true pleasure.


What’s your story behind joining the Cloud Galacticos team?

I was looking for my next step – I always avoided consultancies up to now to be honest.  But when I saw Phil was needing some help, I thought I’d reach out. After we spoke, I decided to explore working permanently for Cloud Galacticos. I wanted to get a feel of the company and how they work with its clients. I liked what I heard with the way they do things. So it felt like an awesome fit to join the team and also to learn from an established consultancy rather than being a cog and a big organisation.


What is your role as a Salesforce Consultant at Cloud Galacticos, and what do you enjoy about it?

I think the best part is being thrown in the deep end and learning how they do things – good and bad. You could have two identical businesses but each implement Salesforce in a different way which you can learn from. 

I enjoy learning new things, which is why I try to attend various User Groups. I could be attending the most basic presentation but I normally always come away from it. You can still learn something as the person presenting will have a different perspective which you might not have thought of.  So it’s always worthwhile going and joining the events to feel part of the community.


Aside from Salesforce and working as a Salesforce Consultant at Cloud Galacticos, what else do you enjoy doing?

None of us have been doing much over the current pandemic and my thoughts are with all that have been badly affected by it.  But when things go back to ‘normal’ I’d like to get back to my holidays; going Snowboarding in the winter, beaches in the summer, and generally travelling is my aim from now on!

Over the pandemic I got myself a puppy which has been an absolute joy. He’s a husky and is called Storm. He’s growing pretty fast already!




What tips would you have on working remotely during the current Covid-19 situation?

I’d say, make sure you have that separate space of an ‘office’ from the rest of your living space.  Also, make sure you have breaks away from the screen.  For me over the pandemic, I found myself just not leaving the flat at all, which can get quite depressing and not help your mood at all.  So the one major change I did was getting a puppy (Storm).  Had always wanted one but now it gave me the time to actually be here for them.  It also gives me a routine and gets me out of the flat.  

Mentally, having a puppy has been fantastic. It’s awesome company and gives you a reason to go for a walk – instead of just having to. Storm gets me up in the morning. It has really helped me keep a steady routine, as well as keeps things interesting and different each day.  

When walking with a dog, everyone wants to talk to you (or realistically, the dog). But you end up meeting some awesome people you probably would never speak to normally.  I’m very grateful the lockdown hasn’t affected me in an awful way as it has many around the world. Maybe if I didn’t have my friends, family and doggo support, it probably wouldn’t have been good for me either.  

Best wishes to everyone over this horrible period. We are almost out of it so we can get back to some sort of normality and let’s help others where they need it…



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Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

Trailhead Go – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #420

This week’s top tip is the release of the Android version of Trailhead Go.

Finally there is an Android version of the Trailhead App, so you can learn whilst you are commuting (no, WFH), maybe whilst you are killing time at the airport (2019 only), well…maybe whilst your laptop is rebooting!?

Trailhead Go for Android

Trailhead Go

In other news…

Tableau CRM

This week it was announced that Einstein Analytics will become Tableau CRM. Here is a thorough article that covers the news from this week’s Tableau conference. “Tableau CRM will provide an integrated analytics and AI experience within Salesforce’s CRM workflow and be a key part of Salesforce Customer 360”.

Rumours are that there is more rebranding to come…

Take a Break!

Thanks to Ben Duong our Head of Marketing, who shared this article within the Galacticos team this week. We have all been doing our best to keep in contact with each other, both for getting work done, but also keeping our friendly work relationships going strong. But there is always more that can be done, and this article gives some good pointers, which after 6 months may have gotten left behind a bit.

We have a weekly ‘Coffee break call’, where we all jump on a Zoom chat, cameras on, and talking about everything EXCEPT Salesforce! In 6 months of Covid, we have probably missed dozens of chances to catch up in person and just chat. Community events, after meetings, travelling between meetings, lunches, curry nights…so it is good to try to fill that gap, even just a little bit.


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Best Practices and Thoughts on Virtual Events

Over the past few months we have seen a number of events cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and a number of events go virtual. Last week  Salesforce announced all its events including Dreamforce will now be re-imagined and virtual. Because of this, I thought I would share some best practices and thoughts on virtual events to help you make the most of them.

North England Salesforce User Group Virtual Event

Virtual vs In-Person Events

Firstly, let’s talk about the differences between virtual and in-person events. The biggest (and most obvious) difference is that it is generally a lot harder to network and meet new people. I have made numerous new friends and acquaintances over the years at conferences through just casual interactions. Queuing for lunch, waiting for a session to start or just sat next to someone at a session. You get to meet and interact with a lot of new people, which will obviously be much harder for a virtual event.

However, I would encourage you to use the remote nature of the event to your advantage when it comes to interaction with the speakers. It is not uncommon at an event to find it hard to ask a speaker a question or further information after the talk if there are a number of people all doing so at once. I cannot think of an instance where I have seen a speaker at a remote event not provide some form of contact details, so reach out to them if you have a question, comment, whatever. You are almost guaranteed to get a reply and it is a great way of making a new connection.

More Speaker, More Content, More Spaces

Virtual events however tend to have a much broader range of speakers and can accommodate a greater number of attendees. As an example, the talk I gave at the recent Xforce Summit had over 1,000 people attend. I don’t think I have been to a conference where any of the sessions for speakers outside a keynote had that many attendees possible. With no constraints on room sizes or availability, you are more able to attend any session you want. I have lost count of the number of times at Dreamforce I have been unable to attend a session because it was oversubscribed.

Finally, the biggest difference for most people is cost. Attending any conference can cost you for a ticket, travel, potentially lodging as well. All of these items add up and I know are a consideration for us when we look at events to sponsor and attend. Virtual events are likely to be cheaper (if not free like the Xforce Summit) for a ticket and also do not incur any of the associated expenses.

Allocate Time and Avoid Distractions

One of the primary benefits of events is that you have time away form your day work to focus on learning. It can be very tempting to work on other items in the background whilst dialled in to be productive. This type of multitasking does not work and should be avoided. If attending a virtual event, try to keep this in mind and focus on the session exclusively when possible. Just as if you were in a room during a talk you wouldn’t be doing something else, apply the same thought here.

One difference here though is you can take much better notes virtually than often is possible in person. Know how to take a quick screenshot for later and open up any additional reading material. This makes it easy for you to implement what you have learned afterwards.