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SEA Dreamin – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #472

Welcome to my Salesforce Tip of the Week #472


Tip 1 – What is CDP?


A ‘CDP’ is a Customer Data Platform. Salesforce CDP is part of the Marketing Cloud suite, and from a marketing point of view, having a single source of truth offers some potential big wins.

Here is a link to some further info and a demo. And here for some background on why you would use this to Suppress (who NOT to target in Ads/promos), Personalise, and gain Insights. Interesting stuff.


Tip 2 – SEA Dreamin

SEA Dreamin

We all love good Salesforce Dreamin event. So it’s great to hear about the new South East Asia Dreamin’ event, to be held virtually over two days in November.

SEA Dreamin’ is coming soon and it’s going to be amazing! A collaboration between Trailblazers Community Groups in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam; SEA Dreamin’ will bring together the Salesforce Community in a virtual setting across APAC.

Hear from your Salesforce experts all over Southeast Asia, and have the chance to showcase your solution to a wider community

Congratulations to the SE Asia Community leaders and members for making SEA Dreamin happen!


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