Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

Apex Recipes – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #449

Tip 1 – Apex Recipes 

I recently revisited this post from the Salesforce Developers Blog by Kevin Poorman, introducing Apex Recipes last year. “Apex Recipes is a library of concise, meaningful examples of code for common use cases following best practices. They reflect enterprise patterns that can be utilized for real world solutions.”

Follow the instructions in the post to install the app, or you can do a quick Trailhead badge which guides you through it.

Look at the Trailhead module here…”Quick Start: Explore the Apex Recipes Sample App

Tip 2 – Take a break

I like this article from BBC this week, mainly because it gives 3 practical ways to take a break from screen time. It is worth a 5 min read, but my favourite is to do some ‘walking meetings’. If you don’t need to present slides, or take detailed notes, put your headphones on and walk while you talk. Fresh air, extra steps, and less screen time!

Final Tip – Sign up

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