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Free Apps, Partner News, Book Review – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #441

Tip 1 – Free App(s) of the week

Thank you to Amanda Nelson at the Appexchange team for adding some of my favourite free SalesforceLabs Apps to this article. So now you have 13 recommendations to take a look at! Enjoy.

It looks like Report and Dashboard apps are very popular on the Appexchange, and especially from the free apps provided by SalesforceLabs. Of the Apps recommended, I have also used ‘Adding multiple related records’ and ‘MyV2MOM’. Which are your favourite Labs apps?

FYI – To make it easier and faster to find these apps, Appexchange recently launched a new Salesforce Labs Digital App Guide. “Find the department or challenge that best match your needs, and once you find an app (or a few), click on the listing to learn more and install it”.


Tip 2 – Partners

Congratulations to Shiv and his team at Dazeworks, who this week announced they are joining with US based iLink Digital. We have worked together with Dazeworks since Day 1 and are very happy for their news, and look forward to working with the extended team in the future. It is great to hear positive stories in these challenging times, and this is a great positive for both Dazeworks and iLink.


Tip 3 – Book review – ‘Eat That Frog’

You know that thing that you know you have to do but don’t really want to do…just get it done first thing, and your whole day/life will be better! Ok that has saved you a few hours of reading. But actually, after I thought the moral of this short book had been taught on page 1, there was some more useful ideas for prioritising what is important, and ending procrastination.


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Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

In-App Learning – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #439

Tip One: In-App Learning

You may have recently spotted this new extra feature in your Orgs (since the Spring ’21 release). It is a great way to add prompts and walkthroughs, to share information, or train users. Have a play around and see how useful you and your Users will find it! Use this Help file to point you in the right direction.

Some further information about the In-App Learning feature – “Write the content, select the target audience, and specify where it appears and for how long. You can add multiple items to the same page, but they don’t appear at the same time. By default, a user sees only one item per 24 hours, per app. Salesforce shows it again, or cancels scheduled recurrences based on whether the user interacts with or ignores the prompt or walkthrough.”


Tip Two: Equality Quest

From Trailhead this week – “Equality champions are all around you. Learn more on how to elevate the voices of our equality champions during Black History Month and beyond. Complete the #TrailheadQuest by March 31 to earn your exclusive equality community badge. The Trailmix is comprised of 1 badge, some short articles to read, and a video from Tony Prophet’s recent keynote. Well worth an hour of investment.

Tip Three: Where’s my Cheese!?

Fancy a quick read? And the chance to take in ‘One of the most successful business books ever’ in a few hours? Originally published in 1999, ‘Who moved my cheese’ by Dr Spencer Johnson is a popular and easy-going story which gives some simple lessons in why change is good, and how to deal with it. Pick it up here or wherever you buy your new or used books.

Who will you be, Sniff, Scurry, Hem, or Haw?

What is your favourite business related book? Salesforce books, other technologies, business themed, or personal development…always good to hear recommendations!