Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

TrailheaDX 2020 – Phil’s Tip of the Week #404

As I know has been mentioned a few times, Salesforce have cancelled all in-person events this year and moved them to virtual. One of the big events is TrailheaDX 2020 which is happening next week. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can register here.

TrailheaDX 2020

The Developer event for Devs, Admins, and Architects…i’m already confused.There are nearly 100 sessions and circles of success ‘tables’, the most interesting to me seems to be True To The Core (TTTC). And you can submit questions to the panel of Parker Harris, Bret Taylor, Sarah Franklin, host Jenny Sacks, and a panel of product managers, at this link.

In other news…

Sealsforce (!?)

Yes that typo was on porpoise! Moving on from the bad jokes…Yesterday was ‘Salesforce Live EMEA’ which in some way replaces the European World Tour events this year. Obviously nowhere near as successful or significant, and nothing replaces an in-person event! You can relive some of the sessions here…although the live performance from Seal is not up (yet) so my guess is if you couldn’t hang around for him to finally start then you missed out ☹️

Just in case – some blogging tips

If you would like to start your own blog, or want to keep motivated to keep on going, I wrote this blog post for you. It is my lessons learnt from 400+ weeks of blogging. Would be good to hear your feedback and any ideas you think I should add. Thanks for reading as always!