Cloud Galacticos 2021 Blog Highlights

As another year draws to close, we thought it’d be a good time to look back at some of Cloud Galacticos 2021 blog highlights. As well as the weekly Friday Tip of the Week from our CEO Phil Walton, we also had guest blogs from our growing team and much more…


Cloud Galacticos 2021 Blog Highlights

Meet the Galacticos Blogs

Adam and Storm

Adam and Storm



Meet the Teams: James / Vetri / Adam / Ali / Pippa


Salesforce Certification Blogs

Luke Menzfeld User Experience Designer Cert

A few of our team passed various Salesforce certs in 2021. So we’ve started our own ‘Salesforce Certs Help Page‘…


Phil Walton’s Salesforce Tip of the Week Blog

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Continuing his weekly blog, our CEO, Phil has now done 478 (and counting) Salesforce Tip of the Week blogs!


Team Galacticos Guest Blogs

We like to encourage our team to get involved and write guest blogs for our website. Here are just three for you to check out:

Einstein Automate / Flow Orchestrator Review (Val)

Learning and Mastering Salesforce Apex (Paul)

How can you give back to the Trailblazer Community (Mark)


Salesforce Event Highlight Blogs

Dreamforce 2021 New World

London’s Calling 2021 Review

Highlights from Dreamforce 2021


Cloud Galacticos 2022 Blogs

Hope you enjoy reading our blogs. Don’t forget to let us know what kind of blogs you want us to write about in 2022!



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