CoinFLEX Seeks To Improve Business Potential Using Salesforce

At Cloud Galacticos we like to work with a diverse range of industries, from media to beauty and real estate to nonprofits. So when CoinFLEX approached us, we were more than pleased to help them to make the most of Salesforce.


CoinFLEX (Coin Futures and Lending Exchange) is the world’s first physically delivered cryptocurrency futures exchange. It was developed to provide avenues for investors to hedge cryptocurrency exposure with minimal index or price settlement risk.


We met CoinFLEX in Summer 2019 as they were starting their journey with Salesforce. They reached out for some Architectural advice to make sure they were using Salesforce to its full potential. We then to worked on planning and implementation of that journey.



We started our work together with an initial period of Consultancy. We dug into the current CoinFLEX tech stack and got a more detailed understanding of where they wanted to be. Then we broke down the work into a number of different phases, in line with the priorities and timelines that suited CoinFLEX.

As well as Salesforce Service Cloud and Communities, the projects worked through SSO challenges, Data Migration, multiple languages and currencies. We also provided further Architectural advice around Salesforce communities and integrations.

Some of the most interesting challenges involved working with Jumio for a KYC integration. Jumio is a market leader in identity verification. The solution provided is real-time identification where an applicant uploads a passport (or similar identification) and is then prompted to take a photo providing real-time identification of the applicant.

Additional to the real-time Identification of individuals, we built an on-platform solution which calculates a risk score for applicants. This can be administered by CoinFLEX authorised team members without changing code.

Cloud Galacticos has gone above and beyond our expectations to deliver the best solution for our needs. It’s been a great pleasure working with this creative and very experienced team, knowing they will keep our best interest in mind and guide us through the Salesforce ecosystem with ease


The solution built provided a comprehensive application process for increasing the account feature access. Starting from sign-up on the external CoinFLEX portal, SSO and user provisioning, then into a highly branded Salesforce community for completion of the account upgrade application process. And included additional customer service capabilities provided using Salesforce Knowledge Base and Live Agent.

It was great to work with CoinFLEX – a fantastic agile business – in the exciting new world of Cryptocurrency!