Salesforce Winter 21 Release Notes! – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #414

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

The Salesforce Winter 21 Release Notes are finally here! You can find the release notes here where you can spend hours pouring over them to find out your favourite additions and new features.

Salesforce Winter 21

There is a lot to unpack this release including:

I know lots of people have already been sharing their favourite features on Twitter, what are you most looking forward to?

In Other News…

LinkedIn Salesforce Architects

A new Audience on LinkedIn for Salesforce Architects – head over now to make sure you see this great content.

Data Dreamin

The world’s first Salesforce Einstein Analytics focussed virtual conference is now open for registration! We caught up with one of the organisers, Einstein Analytics Senior Solution Architect Rikke Hovgaard to get a quick view of the event:

“Tickets for DataDreamin September 19th, 2020 is now live! DataDreamin is a new virtual conference organized by the DataTribe for the Einstein Analytics and data interested. There will be a good mix of different data and analytics topics for all skill levels to learn from and be inspired by. Check out the details and register on their website” 

I’ve already signed up as have a few of the Galacticos team, make sure you do too!

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