Salesforce Product Announcements – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #418

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

It has been a busy week for Salesforce Product Announcements with Salesforce announcing three new products and upgrades to a fourth. You can read the full release here, but as a brief overview:

  • Salesforce Meetings – a new meeting management tool to help sales representatives be more productive by providing detailed information on attendees and their interactions in a single location.
  • Einstein Video Call Coaching – a new add-on to Einstein Call Coaching to process video calls and help reps use these new insights to help customers.
  • Salesforce Maps Field Safety Kit – additional functionality to Salesforce Maps that helps organisations understand where it is safe to travel and how best work to with clients using COVID-19 data in their CRM.
  • Enhanced High Velocity Sales – as every rep has become a virtual seller this tool has been updated to provide automated actions to help everyone close more deals.


Salesforce Meetings

Salesforce meetings (credit: Salesforce)

In other news…

Stripe Partners With Salesforce

Stripe has partnered with Salesforce more closely as rumours of a potential IPO for the payments company grow. Read all about the partnership here.

Salesforce Ideas Prioritization

You have until Monday to vote on your favourite Ideas, that have been shortlisted for prioritization. Go here now!

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