Salesforce Maintenance Exam Schedule Changes – Phil’s Tip of the Week #396

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

It has been announced this week that there are changes to the Salesforce maintenance exam schedule. No longer will you be required to do 3 release exams per year, instead to maintain you certification it will be a once a year update exam. You can see the full details of the announcement here.

Per Certification Requirements

It should also be noted that the Salesforce maintenance exam schedule will also depend on your certification. Each Salesforce release will have a number of maintenance exams released with it for you to take if you hold the relevant certification. The table below from Salesforce shows the intended release cycle and how it maps:

Salesforce Maintenance Exam Schedule Changes - new schedule

My Thoughts

Personally I am sad to see the regular maintenance exams go. I found the 3 Salesforce maintenance exams per year gave me a good reason to spend time looking through the release notes and seeing what was new.

Other News


Don’t panic…Salesforce will perform planned routine maintenance on AppExchange, the Trailblazer Community, and the Salesforce Partner Community from 3:00 PM UTC to 5:00 PM UTC tomorrow. Therefore, these sites will not be available for access during that time.

Working From Home

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