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To be a successful Salesforce Consultancy, your business needs to be top of its game. At Cloud Galacticos, we believe in continual development in the way of Salesforce certification. With an ever-changing environment, you need to be aware of the latest updates. Our team of Salesforce superstars hold a large number of different certifications, and many of the team have helped us with some short write ups of tips they found useful to help pass the exam.

We’ve put together this page to collate all these blogs into a single place we can keep updated to help others on their Salesforce certification journey. 


1. Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Designer Cert

“It was harder than I expected. I was glad I’d gone into some detailed study on Apex sharing and sharing within communities. Additionally, there were more questions than expected about scalability issues. So I can’t stress enough the importance of knowing all areas inside out!”

Salesforce JavaScript Developer I Certification Path
Salesforce JavaScript Developer I Certification Path


2. Earning the Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I Credential

“From my experience, I would encourage you to read and work through the contents before looking at the challenges. The contents of the superbadge wording do not correlate to the order of the challenges and so you can spend a lot of time jumping around the page which gets frustrating and leads to you missing requirements”


3. Team Member Gains Conga Composer Certification

“Conga is the leading document generation software, it is likely to become a default option for document generation for most businesses given the current Covid-19 situation for contracts etc. I think becoming Conga Certified is a great way to demonstrate your expertise to your employer, earn recognition from your peers, and gain status as a respected member of Conga’s certified admin community”


4. Salesforce Maps – An Overview

“The accreditation process is slightly different to a certification process as requires invitation and a non-proctored test must be passed. The training was a nice refresher of some features I had used before in MapAnything. It’s also a good way to learn about some newer tools as well. The tool has come a long way and has some great new features”


5. Two Team Members Become Salesforce Certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultants

“My main resource for studying for the NPSP exam was the Nonprofit Cloud Consultants Training & Certification Guide. This in addition to Trailhead gave me the confidence to sit the exam. One area of I felt was important was the Domain knowledge which some of was new to me. Also ensure you brush up on standard Salesforce subjects like Sandboxes, Lightening Flow, Process Builder etc.”

Field Service Lightning Cert


6. Salesforce Field Service Lightning Consultant Certification Tips and Tricks

“Everyone has different motivation to do something, and if it involves hours of study then you want to have a good reason! I always want to increase my Salesforce knowledge, and training on a relatively new Cloud, and aiming for an extra cert is generally motivation enough for me”


7. Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Certification

“In general, put the hours in, have a plan, tackle the highest weighted topics with study, discovery in a developer org and practical research. Don’t go into the exam with any assumptions. It’s in your hands to check it out beforehand”


8. Salesforce Einstein Analytics and Discover Consultant Certification

“Trailhead has got lots of great trails and resources for you including two very detailed superbadges. However, they are extremely detailed and completing them will surely ensure you are ready”

Salesforce Data Architecture and Management Design Certification
Salesforce Data Architecture and Management Design Certification


9. Salesforce Data Architecture And Management Designer Certification

“Although FocusOnForce had prepared me to an extent, these questions were very different. On some questions, it was answering on instinct more than anything else. In the end, I think what really helped was having lots of real-world experience designing and building applications”


10. Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Certification

“Passing the exam was really just the beginning. The Service Cloud offers great business value for clients in terms of what it can deliver out of the box”


11. Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification

“It’s probably one of the most difficult cert I have taken. It’s about 90% scenario based”


12. Salesforce User Experience Designer

I followed the Trailmix provided by Trailhead in the first instance which covers the core topics of the exam

Salesforce User Experience Designer Certification
Salesforce User Experience Designer Certification


13. Salesforce Process Automation

I’m normally very methodical about the approach to any exam. Usually I’ll go through the exam guide carefully and make a list of the areas I need to prioritise for learning or need refreshing. Then I’ll search for resources, prepare my own notes for revision and make sure I’m ready before exam day


We will keep this page updated as we add new posts for other Salesforce certifications, so be sure to keep an eye out for future updates!



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