Salesforce Anywhere and new JavaScript Certification – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #406

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

Last week was TrailheaDX, Salesforce’s virtual reimagining of their developer focussed conference and there were a number of exciting new announcements. We have a more detailed blog coming up soon, but wanted to share in this week’s tip what we think are the two biggest announcements; Salesforce Anywhere and the new JavaScript Developer I Certification.

Salesforce Anywhere

Salesforce Anywhere

The biggest new announcement was Salesforce Anywhere, what looks to be a total reimagining of the Salesforce application to massively improve collaboration. The demos showed it featured one on one chat, group chat, voice, video and real time alerts all together in your Salesforce UI. For those familiar with Quip, the discussions feature seems to tie in heavily with how that operates, and the ability to see who else is collaborating on a record will be incredible for team discussions. Chat, voice and video in Salesforce will be great tools to add in to make it easier for teams to continue collaborating where they are already working without needing to context swap. I also think real time alerts are going to be extremely useful for me as an organisation leader, allowing me to keep abreast of what is happening.

The best part – it is an open beta – so if you want to try this out today you can go and sign up to participate in the beta here.

JavaScript Developer I Certification

Salesforce also announced the new JavaScript Developer I Certification which is designed for those working heavily with the Lightning Web Components framework. Like the Platform Developer II certification, this is a combinationTrailhead Superbadge and multiple choice exam so blends practical skills with a more standard exam. I know a few of our team are already looking into this and working away, so hopefully we can soon share some tips on achieving this new certification.

JavaScript Developer I

As I mentioned at the start, there was a lot more to unpack from TrailheaDX so look out for our blog coming soon!

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