Postman and World Tour – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #437

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week


Last year Salesforce announced that they had released a Postman collection to allow developers to work with the Salesforce APIs and get up and running quickly building integrations. For those who haven’t used Postman, it is a fantastic tool to allow you to call and work with APIs and verify that you have the correct request parameters and inspect the responses. It is one of the favourite tools of the techies at Cloud Galacticos.


The Salesforce developer evangelist team have announced a raft of additional updates to the collection including it now being listed on the API network making it easier to find, and enabling developers to contribute to the collection to enhance it and share those enhancements with the community. If you are looking to work with the Salesforce APIs I highly recommend that you check this resource out to give you a head start.

World Tour 2021

Please don’t say it is ‘re-imagined’… This year’s World Tour will happen in 1 day (10th Feb), with “an original series broadcast live from surprise locations around the world”. Register here, to see if a surprise location includes some fake bushes in San Francisco!

Personally the World Tour in London has been my annual highlight, but an in-person event which of course won’t happen for a while. Nothing beats the chance to meet up with friends, Clients, colleagues, community members, and new people that you have Salesforce in common with. But this will suffice for 2021, we will all make the most of it!


This week Salesforce announced that David Schmaier has been named President and Chief Product Officer. David joined Salesforce through the acquisition of Vlocity, where he was the co-founder. Read a welcome post and interview here.


Congratulations to our latest Galactico to join become a Certified Architect!! Great work Val Southern! I am sure there will be a blog post following soon…but this week Val passed her Data Architect and Management Designer cert, which was the last one needed in order to gain the Application Architect certification. Very impressive!

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