Non-Profit Dreamin – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #421

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

This week saw the announcement of the newest Salesforce Ohana event focused on the non-profit sector, Non-Profit Dreamin. The event is focussed on those working in or with the not for profit sector, to enable them to network, share ideas and stories and collaborate together.

Non-Profit Dream

The event will be held at the end of January and will be fully remote so anyone can attend. The call for speakers is open now as well, so if you have something you would love to share and think others would enjoy, head over now and submit your idea!

In other news…

New book on the reading list

Ines Garcia has released her new book “Becoming more agile whilst delivering Salesforce” – I’ve added it to my reading list, and having known Ines for a while I am sure it will be fantastic – go and buy a copy here.

Salesforce Labs appExchange Category

Long term readers will know I love the free apps from the Salesforce Labs team. All these apps and components now have their own category on the appExchange making it even easier to browse through them and find something to solve your headache.

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