MVP Nominations – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #477

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

Welcome to my Salesforce Tip of the Week #477


Tip 1 – MVP Nominations

MVP Nominations

It’s MVP nominations time!

Here’s your annual chance to nominate those you think have gone ‘above and beyond’ in the Salesforce community. It can be challenging when we do not see each other in person at events, but we all know someone who has been a positive influence in local User/Developer groups, Answers forum, AskSalesforce, blogs, Trailblazer Communities, and many many more.

Click here for details of ‘What is an MVP’ and how to nominate.


Tip 2 – Reminder

Just a reminder for Power of Us Hub users, the big house move is this weekend, so when you log in on Monday… ta-da!!!!


Tip 3 – App Demos

Over the past few months, 3,000+ participants have been learning to build enterprise apps as part of the ASEAN Developer Challenge. Take a look at demos from the top apps showcased on Demo Day.


Final Tip Of The Week – Sign Up

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