Salesforce Formulas Helper – Phil’s Tip of the Week #395

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

Formulas are one of my favourite features in Salesforce, and this week I want to share the Salesforce Formulas Helper! I stumbled across this tool whilst browsing the #salesforce hashtag on Twitter recently and I wish this had been around earlier.

User interface for Salesforce formulas helper

The simple to use user interface for Salesforce formulas.

The tool enables you to test and view results from Salesforce formulas without having to create records in your org. For those who have worked with complex formulas it will be obvious how this could have saved a lot of time and energy. The tool also includes a number of great examples to get you running.

The author of this tool is Leif Gensert. So a big thank you to Leif for putting this together! It will doubtless save many hours of annoyance and headaches.

Staying Connected

It’s a very stressful time at the moment and it can be very lonely for many people out there. Alex Pisani, a Senior Community Manager at Salesforce, has written a great post to discuss this. His Medium blog “3 Ways the Trailblazer Community Can Help You Stay Connected” discusses some great ways in which you can stay connected. Salesforce has a vibrant online community which it’s easy to get connected with to help feeling connected. Last week, we hosted the first virtual North England User Group and had some great conversations (and Zoom backgrounds)! It was a fantastic way of seeing people that we haven’t managed to connect with in a while and just catch up. I recommend reading Alex’s blog and seeing some of the way’s it can help you stay connected.

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