Einstein Analytics Developer Org – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #403

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

In this week’s tip of the week I want to share how you get access to an Einstein Analytics Developer Org. I have recently started learning more about Einstein Analytics and have been going through some of the Trailhead content including this introductory trail. As part of the trail it is shared that you can get a developer edition org with Einstein Analytics enabled by signing up here.

einstein analytics dashboard

Personally, I have not done a lot of work with Einstein Analytics although other members of our team have worked with it. The trailhead trails have been really helpful and I am hoping I can use this as a platform to even consider the certification eventually (watch this space!) We are also finding more customers are wanting to do enhanced analytics further to the standard reporting and dashboards capabilities so this fits in nicely. I’m also excited to learn eventually how Salesforce plan to integrate Tableau and Einstein Analytics together.

Other News

Double Ranger

This week I hit #DoubleRanger status. I previously asked the community which Trail I should pick to complete number 200, and got a whole load of different answers. So that inspired me to pick the ‘Culture of Feedback’ badge. I know a couple of our team have actually been doing this badge recently to try and improve feedback overall, I highly recommend it.

Protecting Your Data in the Cloud

I stumbled across this old blog post through my reading the other day and really enjoyed reading it. A great overview of how things work under the hood. I am hoping to collate some further security resources for future posts to share so keep an eye out!

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