Dreamforce 2020 Will Be Virtual – Phil’s Tip of the Week #398

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

Late last week, Salesforce confirmed that for the remainder of 2020, all of their events including Dreamforce 2020 will be virtual. Given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this is not surprising. Salesforce held their Sydney World Tour as a virtual event earlier this year. This allowed them to have an experience for 80,000 people instead of the regular 11,000.

Safety First

Firstly, Salesforce should be commended on taking a sensible “safety first” approach to event planning. For partners and potential attendees like us, it also gives clarity. Dreamforce is a very expensive experience, between flights, hotels, food, marketing, and fun. Planning and then cancelling such things can cost a small fortune in deposits, so this should minimise any risk of loss for people.

Additionally, even a Dreamforce at 33% of regular size would still be around 60,000 people. Given everything that has occurred, even if we are out of all forms of lockdown in November, it would be unwise to congregate that many.

Virtual Dreamforce 2020 Ideas

I hope the whole Salesforce ecosystem can use the time now before whatever virtual event occurs to plan to make it as good as possible. Our COO Paul shared some thoughts on making the most of virtual events earlier this week which you can read to get preparing as well. Some ideas we have had in the Galacticos team we would love to see include:

  • A rolling 24 hours of coverage rather than a single fixed timezone. This will allow the maximum number of attendees to experience the content.
  • Stream everything and make it instantly available for review. Pre-record just in case.
  • A virtual 24 hour Dreamfest to raise money? Now we have no fixed time to worry about, what about a longer event globally to raise even more!
  • A virtual hangout experience somehow – anyone remember Second Life?

These are some of the crazy things we have thought of – what ideas have you got? What would you like to see?

Other News

Zoom Gets 20x More Users

Zoom, the conferencing app that everyone seems to be using at the moment, announced they had grown from 10 million to 200 million daily active users in the past 3 months! Obviously this is because of people now working from home, but that is incredible to see the growth and ability to scale from their team!

Salesforce Org Limits App

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night worried how close you were to hitting your org limits? No, just me? Well for those of us worried about such things, Salesforce Labs have released the orgLimits app for free. Head to the appExchange now to grab it.

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