Choosing Your Certification Path – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week # 401

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

This week I want to share with you a fantastic guide from Salesforce on choosing your certification path. Last week for my 400th tip I shared 40 Salesforce learning and study resources to help you on your training. I thought it was a nice follow on that Salesforce released this certification guide to help you plan out which certifications are right for you and which order to take them in.

Choosing Your Certification Path

Choosing Your Certification Path

Choosing the Path That is Right for You

I particularly like 2 things about this guide. Firstly, the paths are broken down by roles which makes it helpful for those starting out to get some guidance. It is really easy to forget for those of us that have been working with Salesforce for so long that when you first start out in the ecosystem the sheer breadth of Salesforce can be very overwhelming. This guide helps make it clearer as to where you can focus.

Secondly, I think the breakdown helps in highlighting that you don’t have to catch them all. Not everyone needs to become a CTA or get every single certification. By having the guide broken down in the way it is, it helps highlight the important ones to make you most effective in your role, rather than just being a catch all of how to get every certification.

In Other News…

New Quip Trail

Continuing the training and learning theme, there is a new Quip Trailhead Trail available. I have to be honest and say Quip is something I have only passing experience in so this is on my list to review to help broaden out my knowledge.

Salesforce Appoints Advisory Board to Support Growth in EMEA

Salesforce view the EMEA region as a key to their continued to grow. It is interesting to see them appoint a board to help support this growth in the region in what I am sure will be a continued push for success outside of the states. A very welcome piece of news for those of us this side of the pond!

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