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Salesforce Labs Components – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #415

Salesforce Labs have outdone themselves this time, with 15 Lightning Web Components to play around with. Salesforce Labs produces free Apps that are created by Salesforce employees (as an experiment, not usually as part of their day job), and added to the Appexchange for us all to use. I could take up 15 Fridays of ‘Tip of the Week’ blogs on this, but instead here is a great list that you can take a look at. There are too many to choose a favourite from, but I am going to start with a look at the Lightning File Explorer.

Salesforce Labs Apps

Salesforce Labs

In Other News…

Who is going to pick up your device?

I had a few days break, walking and running in the Peak District which was amazing, and on the way found an iPhone in the middle of a field! How do you reconnect a device to it’s owner? Or how can a first responder find out about an unconscious person from a locked phone? If you haven’t done it, like me, and like the owners of the iPhone, set up an ICE or Medical contacts, it is free and fast and available on Apple or Android devices! Thankfully with some detective work, I got the phone back to the owner…and thanks to our Marketing Manager Ben Duong, who managed to track them down with just 1 tweet to his network!! Never mind 6 degrees of separation, with Ben it is just 1.

Now what for Dreamforce?

Here is a great post from Keir Bowden aka Bob Buzzard, about what can and can’t be recreated without an actual in-person Dreamforce. I think we all agree, Virtual events are definitely no real substitute! But it looks like it will be quite a while before any of us board the plane for a long exotic trip to a Dreamin’ event or Dreamforce 🙁

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

#382 Field Service Lightning, IdeaExchange, and the Barcelona Way

Field Service Lightning

Tip 1 – Field Service

I finally got around to passing this exam this week…if anyone wants some tips and pointers for Field Service Lightning study I wrote a longer blog post here. One thing I noticed for Salesforce Webassessor exams is that if English is not your first language you can request an extra 30 mins. I have always thought the wording of exam questions are open to interpretation, and have many ‘Americanisms’, so this could help a little.


Tip 2 – IdeaExchange

You may have noticed the updates to the way the IdeaExchange works? The next voting cycle starts on Jan 20th, so once Salesforce have shortlisted Ideas that they could start working on, we can vote with our virtual coins for which are important to us. In the meantime you can still add any of your new ideas, or up/down vote for the full list of existing ideas. Click here for more details.

Barcelona Way

Tip 3 – Galacticos v Barcelona 

If anyone followed up my reading recommendation of ‘The Barcelona Way‘ they may be interested to see how the current side have chosen a new manager…swapping the old one while they were top of the league and after the best performance of the season. I think it is a pretty interesting insight.

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

#381 Popular Admin Blog Posts and a Free Field Service Lightning App

Don't do it!

Tip 1 – Sore and tired already!

A little later than usual today as my marathon training is now officially under way. I did my first and only marathon in Manchester in 2018 and vowed never to do one again!?

Most popular Salesforce blog posts 2019

Tip 2 – Best of the rest

Apart from this lovely blog of course, there are several other sources of Salesforce news, ideas, and info. Here is a summary of the most popular content from Salesforce’s own blogs, podcasts and videos from 2019.


Tip 3 – Free App of the Week

I am hoping to pass my Field Service Lightning Cert next week…but in the meantime here is a Free App I came across that may be of interest to anyone using FSL or thinking about it. There are no ‘useful’ reviews at this stage, so you may have to try it yourself and see. Drop me a line if you do and we can share your thoughts!

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

#359 Lightning Object Creator, Dreamforce and ClickSoftware

Lightning Object Creator
Lightning Object Creator
Lightning Object Creator

Tip 1 – Well spotted Dr Smuggler!

Thank you to my good friend Martijn Schwarzer for this guest post & highlighting that Lightning Object Creator is now GA…

“The Lightning Object Creator allows admins to turn spreadsheets into Salesforce objects with data in just 3 simple steps:

1: Upload a spreadsheet (Excel / csv file or Office365 / Google integration)

2: Review / update field attributes

3: Set other object properties (Allow Search/Reports, Chatter, etc)

And that’s it! Lightning Object Creator will create the Object for you AND it will load the data from the spreadsheet into that new object.”

Thanks Martijn!

Where's my hotel this year??

Tip 2 – Dreamforce hotels

Just in case you missed it…DF19 registration is now open! Hotels are always at a premium but this year seems crazy, $1000 downtown or pick somewhere very remote. If you find anywhere good please share it with your old friend Phil!!


Tip 3 – Salesforce buys ClickSoftware

The spending spree continues…this week Salesforce announced it’s latest acquisition.

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

#350 New Certifications and Lightning Web Components

New Certs

Tip 1 – New Salesforce Certifications

There are 4 new certs available:

Education Cloud Consultant,
Einstein Analytics and Discovery Consultant,
Heroku Architecture Designer,
Marketing Cloud Developer.

For details read more here.


Tip 2 – Lightning Web Components

Here is a great new resource for fans of Lightning Web Components. Click for more details, navigate to Guide for lots of info, and Community for links, training, and documentation.

Salesforce logo memory test

Tip 3 – Back to 2004 for me!  

Thanks for Piyush at SFDCMonkey for this blast from the past. How many of these do you remember?