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Appexchange Trusted Reviewers and Rollup Helper – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #447

Tip 1 – Trusted Reviewers

Have you noticed any updates on the Appexchange? Last month these updates were announced, which are useful when you are looking at reviews on Apps/Products. If there are 2 reviews, 1 good 1 bad, which do you take as the most accurate? The new Top Reviewer/ MVP/Ranger icons add some extra gravitas to certain reviews, maybe not to base a decision on, but at least to help sway a split decision!

Tip 2 – Rollup Summaries

We have featured this Rollup tool from Andy Fawcett in a number of blogs and presentations, so I am using this week’s latest release as an excuse to highlight ‘Declarative Lookup Rollup Summaries’ here. Our Architect Mike Gill says…

“Every org at some point requires a custom roll up discussion, and warranty’s at look at the options and apps out there – such as DLRS. If your use case requires a non standard roll up the first thing you should do is revisit the business requirement which has lead you to this point. Question the object model design, do you really need a custom roll up at all? If you still need a custom roll up – the next thing you need to decide is whether to build your own or use an app such as DLRS. DLRS has evolved over the years into a one stop shop for solving roll up requirements, most people don’t fully appreciate the scope of it and how it works, so we recommend taking a look!

It’s primary use case is bridging the gap between related data when no master-detail relationship is possible. Example – rolling up data from Service Cloud object such as Case to the Account object.This is all easily achieved declaratively without the need to create a single flow or apex class. On the flip side it’s not the ideal solution for simply solving reporting requirements after reporting requirement. Every roll up no matter how it’s created or implemented has it’s cost and just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

With great power comes great responsibility — alternatively known as the Peter Parker principle”

Final Tip – Sign up

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Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

Covid Passport and IdeaExchange – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #435

Covid Passport

Salesforce has joined forces with Microsoft and Oracle to develop a method of proving that people have been vaccinated. As it seems likely in the near future that governments, airlines and others could soon start asking people for proof that they have been inoculated.

The coalition known as the Vaccination Credential Initiative includes Microsoft, Salesforce and Oracle, as well as U.S. health care non-profit Mayo Clinic.



CNBC says “The VCI said it wants to develop technology that enables individuals to obtain an encrypted digital copy of their immunization credentials that can be stored in a digital wallet of their choice, such as the Apple Wallet or Google Pay.” Take a look at the full article about the Covid passport here.


Ideas about Ideas

Firstly, if you don’t know about the IdeaExchange then you should take a look. It is a great place where you can log an idea or a request that you think could benefit Salesforce and the wider ecosystem. Then people can vote up/down, comment, add suggestions and workarounds. In the last 12 months, this has been taken a step further, where Salesforce will make a shortlist which you can further vote on and prioritise.

Time to prioritise your favourite Ideas from the shortlist. Click here to decide which one’s you think should be worked on next.

And also…

This new group has been set up to discuss Ideas v2.0, which is seemingly coming very soon. Old ideas with little activity will be Archived, those with a negative point count will be deleted, everything else will move to the new site. It is expected that it will archive approximately 39,000 ideas while keeping 30,000 active. Add your comments, concerns, questions to the Chatter group.

Why does this need to happen? Well firstly there are 10 years of Ideas! Many are old, irrelevant, unloved, unwanted. And that is a lot of noise. I am not sure the proposed updates will solve all the problems, and maybe some perfectly relevant Ideas will be lost, but a refresh is needed, so lets give it a go!

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

Formula Warning – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #424

Formula Warning

You feel safe and secure having set up your Profiles, Roles, Sharing etc! But here is a warning when setting up Cross Object Formulas. Did you know that if you create a formula that references a field on another object and display that formula in your page layout, users can see the field on the object even if they don’t have access to that object record. It may not be an issue, but you want to be aware so you do not get tripped up on this!

Here is an example of what could go wrong…”For example, if you create a formula field on the Case object that references an account field, and display that formula field in the case page layout, users can see this field even if they don’t have access to the account record”.

Formula Warning

In other news…

The Exchange magazine

Click here for the latest edition of the Exchange (Autumn 2020). As always it is full of Community info, News, and of course Apps. There are some recipes, a Trailblazer spotlight on Kim Wargo, and some belated Halloween ideas.



Congratulations to 2 of my MVP friends, who this month have moved to roles at the Salesforce Mothership. Anup Jadhav joins as Senior Project Architect (Insurance), and Jodi Wagner as Financial Services Cross Cloud Specialist. Salesforce are lucky to have you both!

And finally

This week sadly saw the passing of a football legend Nobby Stiles. He was a World Cup winner in 1966, winner of the European Cup with Manchester United, as well as the English league. I spoke to Nobby’s nephew this week to pass on my condolences. Mike Stiles was my Business Studies teacher at school. So who knows, maybe without Mike, Nobby, and family, I wouldn’t be running my own business today! RIP Norbert aka ‘the destroyer’. Sometimes the smallest guy on the pitch can make the biggest impact.

Nobby Stiles (left) with George Best and Bobby Charlton

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

Salesforce Winter 21 Release Notes! – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #414

The Salesforce Winter 21 Release Notes are finally here! You can find the release notes here where you can spend hours pouring over them to find out your favourite additions and new features.

Salesforce Winter 21

There is a lot to unpack this release including:

I know lots of people have already been sharing their favourite features on Twitter, what are you most looking forward to?

In Other News…

LinkedIn Salesforce Architects

A new Audience on LinkedIn for Salesforce Architects – head over now to make sure you see this great content.

Data Dreamin

The world’s first Salesforce Einstein Analytics focussed virtual conference is now open for registration! We caught up with one of the organisers, Einstein Analytics Senior Solution Architect Rikke Hovgaard to get a quick view of the event:

“Tickets for DataDreamin September 19th, 2020 is now live! DataDreamin is a new virtual conference organized by the DataTribe for the Einstein Analytics and data interested. There will be a good mix of different data and analytics topics for all skill levels to learn from and be inspired by. Check out the details and register on their website” 

I’ve already signed up as have a few of the Galacticos team, make sure you do too!