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Appexchange Trusted Reviewers and Rollup Helper – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #447

Tip 1 – Trusted Reviewers

Have you noticed any updates on the Appexchange? Last month these updates were announced, which are useful when you are looking at reviews on Apps/Products. If there are 2 reviews, 1 good 1 bad, which do you take as the most accurate? The new Top Reviewer/ MVP/Ranger icons add some extra gravitas to certain reviews, maybe not to base a decision on, but at least to help sway a split decision!

Tip 2 – Rollup Summaries

We have featured this Rollup tool from Andy Fawcett in a number of blogs and presentations, so I am using this week’s latest release as an excuse to highlight ‘Declarative Lookup Rollup Summaries’ here. Our Architect Mike Gill says…

“Every org at some point requires a custom roll up discussion, and warranty’s at look at the options and apps out there – such as DLRS. If your use case requires a non standard roll up the first thing you should do is revisit the business requirement which has lead you to this point. Question the object model design, do you really need a custom roll up at all? If you still need a custom roll up – the next thing you need to decide is whether to build your own or use an app such as DLRS. DLRS has evolved over the years into a one stop shop for solving roll up requirements, most people don’t fully appreciate the scope of it and how it works, so we recommend taking a look!

It’s primary use case is bridging the gap between related data when no master-detail relationship is possible. Example – rolling up data from Service Cloud object such as Case to the Account object.This is all easily achieved declaratively without the need to create a single flow or apex class. On the flip side it’s not the ideal solution for simply solving reporting requirements after reporting requirement. Every roll up no matter how it’s created or implemented has it’s cost and just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

With great power comes great responsibility — alternatively known as the Peter Parker principle”

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Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

Winter 22 Logo and Trailhead Go – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #446

Tip 1 – Winter ’22 Logo

TODAY is the last day to vote for the Winter ’22 logo, click here and complete the form to vote. Thanks to Jean-Michel for flagging this, I nearly missed it!

Tip 2 – Trailhead Go

It has been a long time coming…but now you can access and collaborate in the Trailblazer Community in the Trailhead Go mobile app.

Read the full announcement here. “Access Community Groups, posts, likes, comments, user following and more. You can network, collaborate, and connect with the global Trailblazer Community from anywhere, straight from your mobile device”

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Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

Optimizer App and London’s Calling – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #443

Tip 1 – Optimizer

A great way to review your Org, and get suggestions on areas for improvement, is by using Salesforce Optimizer. The report has been around for a while, but soon to be disabled in June as the App is more interactive. Nothing to instal, just search ‘Optimizer’ in Setup and click ‘Open Optimizer’ to reveal a list of suggestions and estimates. Turns out I have lots of unused Fields, and Reports I have never run!

From the Salesforce Help docs…

The Salesforce Optimizer app analyzes more features than the existing PDF report and in a more interactive and actionable format. Quickly identify issues that require immediate attention by using the sortable list view. Read through expert Salesforce recommendations to plan next steps.

Consider running Salesforce Optimizer as part of your monthly maintenance, before installing a new app, before each Salesforce release, or at least once a quarter. You can run the report as often as you want to keep on top of maintenance activities. You can set the App to run automatically on a monthly basis.

Tip 2 – London’s Calling you Now! 

LC2021 is just kicking off. We are happy to be sponsoring today, as we have for every LC event! There is always great content, so it is THE best UK Salesforce event in my opinion. I am looking forward to:

Lawrence Newcombe’s session ‘Ready, Set, Architect’ at 10.45am,

Leslie Gestautas’s session on migrating data at 3.30pm,

and of course our very own Paul Battisson’s session ‘Improving the performance of your Apex Code‘ at 2.45pm.

I am sure the sessions will be available on YouTube in the coming weeks, but it is always good to block out a chunk of learning time all in one go at an event like this.

Keep an eye out for our new animated video & tell me what you think!

Tip 3 – Sign up

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Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

Free Apps, Partner News, Book Review – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #441

Tip 1 – Free App(s) of the week

Thank you to Amanda Nelson at the Appexchange team for adding some of my favourite free SalesforceLabs Apps to this article. So now you have 13 recommendations to take a look at! Enjoy.

It looks like Report and Dashboard apps are very popular on the Appexchange, and especially from the free apps provided by SalesforceLabs. Of the Apps recommended, I have also used ‘Adding multiple related records’ and ‘MyV2MOM’. Which are your favourite Labs apps?

FYI – To make it easier and faster to find these apps, Appexchange recently launched a new Salesforce Labs Digital App Guide. “Find the department or challenge that best match your needs, and once you find an app (or a few), click on the listing to learn more and install it”.


Tip 2 – Partners

Congratulations to Shiv and his team at Dazeworks, who this week announced they are joining with US based iLink Digital. We have worked together with Dazeworks since Day 1 and are very happy for their news, and look forward to working with the extended team in the future. It is great to hear positive stories in these challenging times, and this is a great positive for both Dazeworks and iLink.


Tip 3 – Book review – ‘Eat That Frog’

You know that thing that you know you have to do but don’t really want to do…just get it done first thing, and your whole day/life will be better! Ok that has saved you a few hours of reading. But actually, after I thought the moral of this short book had been taught on page 1, there was some more useful ideas for prioritising what is important, and ending procrastination.


Eat that frog and sign up to my weekly Salesforce Tips email. As you may know, I write this blog every Friday, and have done for over 8 years (never missed a Friday yet!), and add whatever interesting things I find in the Salesforce world each week. Feedback always welcome. I hope you enjoy the content, and the ‘short & sweet’ format.


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Formula Warning – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #424

Formula Warning

You feel safe and secure having set up your Profiles, Roles, Sharing etc! But here is a warning when setting up Cross Object Formulas. Did you know that if you create a formula that references a field on another object and display that formula in your page layout, users can see the field on the object even if they don’t have access to that object record. It may not be an issue, but you want to be aware so you do not get tripped up on this!

Here is an example of what could go wrong…”For example, if you create a formula field on the Case object that references an account field, and display that formula field in the case page layout, users can see this field even if they don’t have access to the account record”.

Formula Warning

In other news…

The Exchange magazine

Click here for the latest edition of the Exchange (Autumn 2020). As always it is full of Community info, News, and of course Apps. There are some recipes, a Trailblazer spotlight on Kim Wargo, and some belated Halloween ideas.



Congratulations to 2 of my MVP friends, who this month have moved to roles at the Salesforce Mothership. Anup Jadhav joins as Senior Project Architect (Insurance), and Jodi Wagner as Financial Services Cross Cloud Specialist. Salesforce are lucky to have you both!

And finally

This week sadly saw the passing of a football legend Nobby Stiles. He was a World Cup winner in 1966, winner of the European Cup with Manchester United, as well as the English league. I spoke to Nobby’s nephew this week to pass on my condolences. Mike Stiles was my Business Studies teacher at school. So who knows, maybe without Mike, Nobby, and family, I wouldn’t be running my own business today! RIP Norbert aka ‘the destroyer’. Sometimes the smallest guy on the pitch can make the biggest impact.

Nobby Stiles (left) with George Best and Bobby Charlton

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

Clicks versus Code – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #422

Back from the pre-historic days of 2014, here is a post on the Developer Blog about when to choose Clicks over Code. I am sure it would have been a longer article if it was on the Admin Blog 😉 It is a useful resource for someone new to Salesforce (or that sits only on one side of the office…the Dev side only, or the Admin side only), or to explain to a Client why something was built in a certain way.

Clicks v Code

Clicks v Code

Some real life examples mentioned include:

  • Instead of writing Triggers, automate Field Updates using Workflow
  • Use Formula Fields and Roll-Up Summary Fields for field calculations instead of writing a Visualforce page
  • Using Standard Objects instead of Custom Objects

In other news…

App review

Thank you Tom Blamire aka SalesforceTom for sharing this.

Field creator allows you to add multiple custom fields, set the field visibility either individually or for all fields being created. This is a massive time saver for any admin in a high demand/time critical environment”

This App is part of Ben Edwards’s Salesforce Toolkit which we have mentioned in the past, and well worth a look.

Trailhead ‘Quick Look’

Got someone asking you ‘What is Salesforce’? ‘What should I look into Sales or Service’? Here are some really basic Trailhead Modules that may help. If they come back for more then they may be hooked.

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

Non-Profit Dreamin – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #421

This week saw the announcement of the newest Salesforce Ohana event focused on the non-profit sector, Non-Profit Dreamin. The event is focussed on those working in or with the not for profit sector, to enable them to network, share ideas and stories and collaborate together.

Non-Profit Dream

The event will be held at the end of January and will be fully remote so anyone can attend. The call for speakers is open now as well, so if you have something you would love to share and think others would enjoy, head over now and submit your idea!

In other news…

New book on the reading list

Ines Garcia has released her new book “Becoming more agile whilst delivering Salesforce” – I’ve added it to my reading list, and having known Ines for a while I am sure it will be fantastic – go and buy a copy here.

Salesforce Labs appExchange Category

Long term readers will know I love the free apps from the Salesforce Labs team. All these apps and components now have their own category on the appExchange making it even easier to browse through them and find something to solve your headache.

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

Salesforce Labs Components – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #415

Salesforce Labs have outdone themselves this time, with 15 Lightning Web Components to play around with. Salesforce Labs produces free Apps that are created by Salesforce employees (as an experiment, not usually as part of their day job), and added to the Appexchange for us all to use. I could take up 15 Fridays of ‘Tip of the Week’ blogs on this, but instead here is a great list that you can take a look at. There are too many to choose a favourite from, but I am going to start with a look at the Lightning File Explorer.

Salesforce Labs Apps

Salesforce Labs

In Other News…

Who is going to pick up your device?

I had a few days break, walking and running in the Peak District which was amazing, and on the way found an iPhone in the middle of a field! How do you reconnect a device to it’s owner? Or how can a first responder find out about an unconscious person from a locked phone? If you haven’t done it, like me, and like the owners of the iPhone, set up an ICE or Medical contacts, it is free and fast and available on Apple or Android devices! Thankfully with some detective work, I got the phone back to the owner…and thanks to our Marketing Manager Ben Duong, who managed to track them down with just 1 tweet to his network!! Never mind 6 degrees of separation, with Ben it is just 1.

Now what for Dreamforce?

Here is a great post from Keir Bowden aka Bob Buzzard, about what can and can’t be recreated without an actual in-person Dreamforce. I think we all agree, Virtual events are definitely no real substitute! But it looks like it will be quite a while before any of us board the plane for a long exotic trip to a Dreamin’ event or Dreamforce 🙁

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

#381 Popular Admin Blog Posts and a Free Field Service Lightning App

Don't do it!

Tip 1 – Sore and tired already!

A little later than usual today as my marathon training is now officially under way. I did my first and only marathon in Manchester in 2018 and vowed never to do one again!?

Most popular Salesforce blog posts 2019

Tip 2 – Best of the rest

Apart from this lovely blog of course, there are several other sources of Salesforce news, ideas, and info. Here is a summary of the most popular content from Salesforce’s own blogs, podcasts and videos from 2019.


Tip 3 – Free App of the Week

I am hoping to pass my Field Service Lightning Cert next week…but in the meantime here is a Free App I came across that may be of interest to anyone using FSL or thinking about it. There are no ‘useful’ reviews at this stage, so you may have to try it yourself and see. Drop me a line if you do and we can share your thoughts!

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

#378 New Salesforce UK CEO, Field Service Lightning Dashboards App and Happy Holidays!


Tip 1 – Welcome to the UK CEO

I was very fortunate to be invited to a party at Salesforce Tower yesterday, amongst the attendees and speakers was the new Salesforce UKI CEO Dame Jayne-Anne Gadhia. Here is a recent interview about her plans.

Field Service Dashboards

Tip 2 – Free App of the Week

I revisited Field Service Lightning last week, and hope to take the FSL Consultant exam over Christmas…while I was looking at it I noticed this free Field Service Lightning Dashboards app from Salesforce Labs, which would be a good starting point for anyone using FSL.

Tip 3 – Happy Holidays!

Happy Christmas everyone, I hope you have a great holiday period, whatever you get up to!