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Stepstone Solutions (now Lumesse)

Had the pleasure of working with the lovely people at Stepstone Solutions (now Lumesse) in UK and Germany, on 15 months... certified Consultant exam passed! certified Consultant exam passed! Hoorah! certified Admin (201) passed! certified Admin (201) passed! Hoorah!

Financial Services &

Start working with the big boys. Global financial industry Clients courtesy of Neil at Tomtom Consultants (now Alpha Financial Management).

27th May 2006 – First official clients for Phil Walton Consultancy

27th May 2006 – After 2 great years with Graham and his team at Momote, I decided to cut the apron...

26th June 2004 – My first official Org went Live!

26th June 2004 – My first official Org went Live at Momote Ltd in Manchester. And I am happy to say...

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