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AI Ethics

As I am sure everyone has heard, Salesforce have been making a big push into AI over the past 5 years through the Einstein product line and acquisitions. As part of this, it is fair to ask about AI Ethics – “how do we know this is all being used for good?” This becomes even more pressing a concern when you see how Salesforce has worked to help organisations and governments with contact tracing throughout the pandemic.

AI Ethics - Paula Goldman, Chief Ethical and Human Use Officer, Salesforce

Paula Goldman, Chief Ethical and Human Use Officer, Salesforce
Image: Salesforce

ZDNet have a great interview with Paula Goldman, Chief Ethical and Humane Use Officer for Salesforce covering all these questions and more. It is a really interesting read I highly recommend. For those wanting a deeper dive, Salesforce have an entire page dedicated to AI Ethics. The page showcases their AI Ethics Principles and commitment they adhere to. It also contains links to a number of blogs the Salesforce team have written about the ethical use of AI within their products.

More Partner News!

There is much more partner news this week as a series of mergers have occurred. Congratulations to:

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