#391 – London’s Calling 2020, Data Recovery Retirement and Salesforce India CEO

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week
London's Calling TV

Tip 1 – Virtually LC20

Well things have not quite gone to plan, but well done to the amazing team of organizers at LC20 (Francis, Kerry, Todd, Louise, Amanda) for being able to turn this huge event into a virtual event! If you have a ticket you should have a login in your inbox, plus some free content is available here.

Data Recovery

Tip 2 – Did you delete my data?

Not that any of us would ever need this…but this feature was marked for retirement recently. Data recovery used to be a paid feature, it had many issues and a large price tag, but could be vital in some rare cases…are we expecting something to take it’s place??

Welcome to the new India CEO

Tip 3 – CEO News

Another week, another piece of boardroom news, this time with Former State Bank of India chairperson Arundhati Bhattacharya to become CEO of Salesforce India.

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