#387 Salesforce’s Chief Ethicist and World Tour Dates

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week
Salesforce Chief Ethical and Humane Use Officer

Tip 1 – One Year On

Marc Benioff recently posted that “Salesforce is one of the first companies in tech to have a Chief Ethicist ⁦⁦⁦to guide the company in making difficult decisions in its operations using a unique process to document the potential unintended consequences of actions.”

So one year on from the hiring of Paula Goldman, what has she learnt? Take a look at this article to read more about what her job entails and what future plans she has for within Salesforce.


Tip 2 – World Tour 

Initial dates for World Tour events around the globe are starting to be added to the Salesforce Events page, with the bulk of them being added in the next week or two.

Expect a bit of a mix up from previous years, with some Cities being dropped and some format and timing changes.

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