#385 Data Mask and Evergage

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week
Data Mask

Tip 1 – Data Mask

Paul Battisson spoke about this at our User Group in Sheffield this week, so I asked him to tell us more…

“One of the topics that came out of Dreamforce which is of particular interest to our clients in the financial services and healthcare sectors was Salesforce Data Mask. It’s a new feature that allows you to either anonymize, pseudonymize or simply delete data going into sandboxes to keep things secure and compliant, whilst also providing useful data for testing. My favourite thing about it (from a techy perspective) is that it is non-deterministic, meaning that you cannot infer any of the data from the values. You can see a great session recording here, and go to the Trailhead Module here.”


Tip 2 – Evergage

The latest purchase from Salesforce…and this time it is Evergage, a customer data platform that provide real time personalisation and has a machine learning toolset. It seems that it is this ability to deliver personalised experiences is the main driver behind the acquisition, so look forward to seeing more in the future as this product becomes part of the standard Salesforce offerings. Here is a good post about why the purchase was made and how it fits into the full picture.

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