#382 Field Service Lightning, IdeaExchange, and the Barcelona Way

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week
Field Service Lightning

Tip 1 – Field Service

I finally got around to passing this exam this week…if anyone wants some tips and pointers for Field Service Lightning study I wrote a longer blog post here. One thing I noticed for Salesforce Webassessor exams is that if English is not your first language you can request an extra 30 mins. I have always thought the wording of exam questions are open to interpretation, and have many ‘Americanisms’, so this could help a little.


Tip 2 – IdeaExchange

You may have noticed the updates to the way the IdeaExchange works? The next voting cycle starts on Jan 20th, so once Salesforce have shortlisted Ideas that they could start working on, we can vote with our virtual coins for which are important to us. In the meantime you can still add any of your new ideas, or up/down vote for the full list of existing ideas. Click here for more details.

Barcelona Way

Tip 3 – Galacticos v Barcelona 

If anyone followed up my reading recommendation of ‘The Barcelona Way‘ they may be interested to see how the current side have chosen a new manager…swapping the old one while they were top of the league and after the best performance of the season. I think it is a pretty interesting insight.

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