#377 Platform App Builder Study Trail and Dreamforce Global Gatherings

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

Tip 1 – Don’t read the news

” Kent: Senator Dole, why should people vote for you instead of President Clinton?

Kang: (as Dole) It makes no difference which one of us you vote for. Either way, your planet is doomed. DOOMED!

Kent: Well, a refreshingly frank response there from senator Bob Dole. ”

Study Trail

Tip 2 – Study Trail

A new study preparation trail has been created for the Platform App Builder exam. If you are planning on taking the exam then this is a good place to start.

DF Global gatherings

Tip 3 – Global Gathering

Just in case you haven’t had enough of Dreamforce (I think we have now)…’Dreamforce Global Gatherings’ are planned for January and February 2020. Take a look at your nearest event here.

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