#376 Dreamforce To You, Customer 360 and Shirtforce

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week
Dreamforce to You

Tip 1 – Dreamforce to You (London)

This week London hosted several thousand attendees at the biggest ‘Dreamforce To You’ event I have experienced. There was no Obama, Beckham, or Fleetwood Mac…but there was a panel discussion lead by Andrew Marr!

The main theme was ‘Customer 360’…and TBH after several mentions of it I am still struggling to define what it is. I’m working on it though!

Customer 360

Tip 2 – Customer 360 Trail

Here is my starting point…a new Trailhead module for ‘Customer 360 Data Manager‘.

Customer Data Management post

Tip 3 – Blog post

And here is a post from Salesforce from this summer which spells out what they were planning to do (and maybe cuts through a bit of the hype a little?). Are we all clear now??


Tip 4 – Shirtforce

An overdue mention for Shirtforce! Where Todd Halfpenny has put together some amazing t-shirts in his collection, all sold to raise funds for some great causes. We salute you Todd!!

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