#373 Nominating New MVPs, TrailheaDX and Dreamforce To You

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week
Nominate MVPS

Tip 1 – Nominate the next MVPs

It’s that time of year to look into your community for the people who have helped you, and nominate them to be a Salesforce MVP. Click on this link to hear more about what makes an MVP, and how to nominate someone.


Tip 2 – TrailheaDX

I am skipping Dreamforce this year, maybe for TrailheaDX to take it’s place in my events calendar! Controversial? Maybe. What do you think?

Click here to pre-register, and maybe see you there in the summer?


Tip 3 – Dreamforce To You

I don’t know if these events will be global, but I noticed this London event on 4th December. It is unusual to have a 2nd big UK event on the calendar, so I will be heading over to see what’s going on (and see what I missed at DF!).

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