#366 Business Related Book Recommendations

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

This week we go back to some business related book recommendations… thanks for your feedback and ideas, here are some suggestions. Please feel free to share what you have found useful, and anything we should add to future reading lists. Here is a full amazon list of all the books featured over the last few weeks, plus a few more. If you have any other business related book recommendations then let me know!

Business Related Book Recommendations 1 : The E-Myth Revisited

Tip 1 – The Entrepreneur Myth 

This book was recommended to me at my first Dreamforce. And it introduces some really important concepts for someone who wants to move from being the expert in ‘something’, to running a business specialising in that ‘something’. It is a whole different world…believe me 🙂

Business Related Book Recommendations 2 : Start With Why

Tip 2 – Start With Why?

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”…if you need that drilling into your head then read this book, otherwise just read that phrase 5 times and I have saved you £10!

But it is an important idea, and one that is hard to step back and see.

Business Related Book Recommendations 3 : Extreme Ownership

Tip 3 – Thanks Fabrice!

Here is one that I have added to my ‘wanted list’, thanks Fabrice Cathala for the suggestion.

The write-up says it shares lessons of applying powerful leadership principles from the battlefield to business and life.

Lets see how my style changes over the coming weeks and months after I read this!!

Business Related Book Recommendations 4 : The Barcelona way

Tip 4 – Barca are not the Galacticos!

Lets make sure we don’t mix up our sporting legends here…at Cloud Galacticos we have learnt some lessons and been inspired by the ‘Galactico Policy‘ followed by Real Madrid. But Barcelona FC have had an amazing record of producing great players and winning the right way. Thanks to Paul Battisson for the suggestion of this one, I bought it yesterday!

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