#364 Developer Related Book Recommendations

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

Today marks 7 years of weekly Friday Tips. Thank you for reading, contributing, commenting and sharing!!!

After last weeks recommended Admin books, this week I look at some Salesforce developer related book recommendations


PD1 guide from Jan

Tip 1 – PD1 

Here is a new PD1 guide from fellow Jan Vandervelde and Gunther Roskams. This one is on my wishlist!

You can find it here on Amazon or here direct at Packt.

The Advanced Stuff!

Tip 2 – Advanced Stuff!

No list of Dev resources would be complete without Dan Appleman!

Here is a link to the 4th edition of his popular book.

From Andy in the Cloud

Tip 3 – Oldie but goodie

I am referring to the book, not Andy Fawcett! This has been around since 2014 but I still hear people refer to it so I am sure much of the detail is correct even though it was written when ‘Classic’ was just referred to as ‘Salesforce’.

Apex Design Patterns

Tip 4 – Apex Fun

Also from way back in 2016 (!?) is this popular Apex book from Jitendra Zaa and Anshul Verma.

You can buy all of these from Amazon, here is a list of them all for you. But feel free to search around for other options, also take a look at the authors blogs/feeds for links/discounts etc. If you have any other Salesforce developer related book recommendations then please let us know.

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