#363 Admin Related Book Recommendations

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

Tip 1 – Ask and you will receive (sometimes)

When I blogged about the new #TrailblazerBook last week I did not expect to receive an advanced copy through the letterbox…and yet it arrived yesterday. So that has moved to the top of my reading list, for now. But it has not stopped my original plan to share some other useful books, so here we go. This week starting with Admin related books. Please keep emailing me your suggestions of Dev books, and general business/motivational books. Thanks for sharing!

Pre-Order 7th Edition

Tip 2 – For Dummies

The first Salesforce book I read was the ‘For Dummies’ (3rd edition I think). Edition 6 is available now, and 7th Edition is available for pre-order here.

Development without code

Tip 3 – No Code!

Here is a great example of an ‘Admin not Dev’ book from my fellow MVP Phil Weinmeister. Now in it’s 2nd edition, it is well up to date (Summer ’19)…unlike my original ‘For Dummies’ book!

Here’s the link on Amazon.

Don’t feel you have to buy them from Amazon, look around other sites, and even look on the authors twitter feed/blog for better links and discounts.

THE Admin handbook

Tip 4 – Admin Handbook

Here is one of several books from Paul Goodey, and from a glance through the contents seems to cover a lot of subjects that an Admin or Adv Admin would need to understand.

Click here for this book, or here for a list of Paul’s other publications.

Salesforce for Beginners Book

Tip5 – Salesforce for Beginners – new June 2020

Long time friend Sharif Shaalan has just released this great new book which I recommend you have a look at. You can buy it here.

Happy reading!

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