#362 Mobile v Full Site, Non Profit Success Pack Trailhead and Book Recommendations

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week
Mobile web or full site?

Tip 1 – Travelling with my new iPad Pro

My kids took ownership of my iPad some years ago, but now I have the new iPad Pro (and they are banned from this one!). While I was trying to set up the Friday blog, I realised I couldn’t do it because even if I logged in via the browser it showed me the mobile version rather than the full site. If you don’t remember how to switch, you will also appreciate this handy bit of info!

NPSP into Trailhead Playground
Non Profit Success Pack Trailhead Badge

Tip 2 – NPSP into Trailhead

We work with lots of Non-Profit organisations, and whether you end up using the Non Profit Success Pack or not it is useful to be able to play around with it. So this new Trailhead Project will help out.


Tip 3 – What an ‘actual’ book!?

Apparently this new book will be available from Amazon on 15th October, but what other Salesforce related books have you been reading? It’s time to start adding the reading list back into this Blog so we can all read some actual books (ok kindle if you insist…but I prefer the real version!). Send me your suggestions and favourites and i’ll share a post or 2 next month.

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