#359 Lightning Object Creator, Dreamforce and ClickSoftware

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Lightning Object Creator
Lightning Object Creator
Lightning Object Creator

Tip 1 – Well spotted Dr Smuggler!

Thank you to my good friend Martijn Schwarzer for this guest post & highlighting that Lightning Object Creator is now GA…

“The Lightning Object Creator allows admins to turn spreadsheets into Salesforce objects with data in just 3 simple steps:

1: Upload a spreadsheet (Excel / csv file or Office365 / Google integration)

2: Review / update field attributes

3: Set other object properties (Allow Search/Reports, Chatter, etc)

And that’s it! Lightning Object Creator will create the Object for you AND it will load the data from the spreadsheet into that new object.”

Thanks Martijn!

Where's my hotel this year??

Tip 2 – Dreamforce hotels

Just in case you missed it…DF19 registration is now open! Hotels are always at a premium but this year seems crazy, $1000 downtown or pick somewhere very remote. If you find anywhere good please share it with your old friend Phil!!


Tip 3 – Salesforce buys ClickSoftware

The spending spree continues…this week Salesforce announced it’s latest acquisition.

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