#347 New Podcast “Salesforce Posse” and London World Tour

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week
New podcast - Salesforce Posse

Tip 1 – Salesforce Posse

Congratulations on Francis Pindar and Anup Jadhav on their new podcast ‘Salesforce Posse’. The first episode is available now here, and amongst other things, looks forward to the World Tour next week, as do we…

World Tour London

Tip 2 – The World Tour

I love the World Tour in London, as a chance to catch up with the Ohana, learn some new stuff, and show everyone what Cloud Galacticos have been doing. As Gold Sponsors next Thursday, we will have a big booth, with big guests, so please come say hi. And if you are in the area the night before, we are holding a get-together, we have very limited spaces but ping me if you are free!

Salesforce Live

Tip 3 – The World Tour v2

If you can’t make it, make sure you register for Salesforce Live, so you can dip into sessions from the comfort of your home/office/jacuzzi.

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