#341 New MVPs, Renewed MVPs and Adding Sound Effects

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week
New Salesforce MVPs

Tip 1 – New MVPs

Congratulations to the biggest ever group of new MVPs, welcome to every single one of the 47! Some I already know well like Gemma Emmett and SalesforceBen in the UK, and Aldo from Punta Dreamin, and others I look forward to meeting soon! Have a look at the official announcement here.

Hall of Fame

Tip 2 – Renewed MVPs

Also congratulations to the existing 150 or so MVPs that were renewed this year! And I am happy to announce that after 5 years as an MVP I have joined the ranks of the MVP Hall of Fame! What’s that Phil?…”After someone has been active in the program for five years, we consider them MVPs for life and gladly welcome them into the Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame.” Thank you all for your  support, and here’s to 5 more years!

MC Office Hours

Tip 3 – Add Sounds Effects 

Who doesn’t want sound effects added to their Org?? Complete this Trailhead badge to find out how to do it, and celebrate each deal won with your own fanfare.

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