#339 CzechDreamin, Marketing Cloud Help and London’s Calling Videos

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week
Czech Dreamin

Tip 1 – Czech this out

I had a couple of great conversations about this event, mixing a trip to Prague and a Salesforce event seems like a winning combo! And if you are feeling brave, the call for speakers has just gone live, click here for details, and here for the full event. Maybe see you on August 16th?

MC Office Hours

Tip 2 – Marketing Cloud Office Hours 

If you have questions about Marketing Cloud, this looks like a great opportunity to speak with MC experts at Salesforce. Click here to register.

London's Calling videos

Tip 3 – London’s Calling videos

Videos are now being uploaded to the London’s Calling YouTube channel, so you can start catching up on anything you missed…including Cloud Galacticos debut on the Demo Jam (more to come about our new app on another Friday!).

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