Developer centers

Tip 1 – Developer Centres

One of the well received topics in my ‘Free Stuff’ session in Casablanca recently was this one…and one that I don’t really use myself. So I thought I should share it here too!

The ‘Developer Centres‘ have tonnes of great resource links under different topics & Clouds. Well worth bookmarking!

Higher Ed sessions

Tip 2 – Higher Ed

We already do a lot of work with Non-Profit organisations, and are starting to do more in Higher Education too, but I missed this event in April. But do not fear, all the main sessions were recorded and recently updated on this site.

Trick or Trailhead

Tip 3 – Trick or Trailhead

It’s that time of year when I delete anything that features the word ‘spook-tacular’. Trailhead didn’t quite go that far, but complete a module, badge or superbadge before Saturday to get the new ‘Trick or Trailhead‘ badge on your Trailblazer profile.

I ain’t afraid of no goat!