Tip 1 – Lets be honest!

I failed this exam 3 times! Ok I feel better now for admitting that in public. It’s annoying when you don’t pass, it’s frustrating, but it makes it all the better when you do pass because you know you worked for it and deserved it. But the lesson learnt is…maybe I should study in advance next time!!

Community User Licences

Tip 2 – You’ll need this

If you want to know more about Communities, then licences plays a big part. Which licences do you need to do which things. I will tell you now it is not simple!

Components and Templates

Tip 3 – And this

And let’s assume you have your licence and are ready to choose your template, here is the info on which Components work with which template? Ok so this is not as much fun as doing the Trailhead Trailmix but if you want the Certification you will need this! Good luck.