View of Malaga with DreamOle logo

Just over a week ago, the Spanish Salesforce Community hosted their third DreamOlé event in Málaga. I do not mind admitting that DreamOlé is one of my favourite Salesforce Ohana events, I love the Spanish Ohana, I love the tapas, and living in the north of the UK I particularly love the weather!

As I have mentioned on other blogs, we love to sponsor and support community events as we truly believe they are a really important part of the Salesforce ecosystem. As wonderful as Dreamforce, the World Tours and TrailheaDX are, there is something special about an event run by and for the community that celebrates the local Ohana and brings the fun to you. Not everyone can attend one of the major events, but these are far easier to get to and enjoy.

This year we were excited to be sponsoring the photo booth and both myself and our CEO Phil manned the #WhatTheFAQ experts booth receiving some great questions from the community around all things Salesforce. It was another fantastic event and we look forward to seeing where in Spain we end up next year!

Collage of photos from DreamOle