#331 BETA Analytics Exam, Pledge 1% and Salesforce Tower Dublin

Analytics and Discovery exam

Tip 1 – BETA Analytics Exam

Always good to see new exams coming out, and if you can be one of the first to pass the exam, and it’s free, then even better. Click here for more details and to register your interest.

Pledge 1%

Tip 2 – Pledge 1%

I am happy to announce that this week Cloud Galacticos have signed up to Pledge 1%

With the work we have done at Non Profits and our #Baldforce charity events, we thought it was about time we made it official! If you are in a position to do the same, I would urge you to do so 🙂

Salesforce in Dublin

Tip 3 – Salesforce Tower in Dublin

Dublin has been a home to Salesforce since the very early days (back in 2000), and now it is getting a well deserved update…with a new ‘Salesforce Tower’, and 1500 new jobs. Take a look at the full news here.