#327 – Spring ’19 Release Special (Part 2)

Happy Christmas! In many ways I hope you are reading this after the holidays, but if you are working today, like me, then well done for keeping the world spinning.

I asked Paul Battisson for his highlights of the release notes, especially looking from a Dev point of view, but also with any areas he thought would have an impact on 2019, so take a look below.

As always full release notes here, and search on the terms below to take you to the related points.

1. Lightning Web Components Available (Lightning Web Components are a brand new way of developing components on Salesforce that should give some performance and productivity improvements. They become GA in Spring so get going on the Trailhead modules now!)

2. Put Your Bots to Work on Your SMS Text Messaging Channel

3. Jump Right into Your Most Important List View with Pinned Lists

4. Engage Patients and Members With the Health Cloud App Template

5. Create Partner Account Relationships and Data Sharing Rules in Communities (Generally Available)

6. Faster, Easier, and More Intuitive Flow Building with Flow Builder

7. Create or Install Pre-Built Business Processes That You Can Customize

8. Lightning Joined Reports (Generally Available)

9. Enforce Field-Level Security Permissions for SOQL Queries (Beta)

10. Scale Your Event-Based Apps with High-Volume Platform Events (Generally Available)

Spring19 release notes