#326 – Spring ’19 Release Special (Part 1)

10 Highlights of Spring ’19 Release

I feel today like many of us will feel next week after eating too many roast potatoes and cake on Christmas Day… “It’s just too much”! So I am breaking this meal into 2 parts. Today’s highlights are the starter and first attack of the turkey. Next week our COO Paul will provide a second serving, plus dessert. Enjoy, and I hope you have a great Christmas!

See the full release notes here, and search on the terms below to take you to the related points.

1. Transition Assistant is available the first quarter of 2019 (keep organized, monitor your progress, and be confident that you aren’t missing anything).

2. Turn On Lightning Experience (Critical Update). If you are a User using Classic, and have the Lightning Experience User permission enabled, from Winter ’20, Salesforce will start to automatically move you over to Lightning.

3. Customizable Forecasting Is Being Retired (migrate to Collaborative Forecasts )

4. Original Territory Management Is Being Retired (migrate to Enterprise Territory Management )

5. Get Lightning for Gmail and Salesforce Inbox in One Chrome Extension

6. Choose Which Records Sync Between Salesforce and Pardot

7. Make Your Bots Smarter with Customer Input Classification and Feedback (To help your bot learn and become smarter over time).

8. Manage Service Crews Faster (Beta)

9. Get IoT in Service Cloud Unlimited Edition for Better Customer Service. (You can now get a free limited version of Salesforce IoT in Service Cloud)

10. Bring Your Website Statistics into Analytics with the Google Analytics Connector. (To bring in data about your websites, and analyze the data using the power of Einstein Analytics).

Spring19 release notes